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Nowadays, people are getting older and older. However, a youthful-appearing skin remains an ideal of beauty, and it contributes to a sense of well-being and self-confidence of many people. Like Theodor W. Adorno already said: “If you look good, you sell better.”

With its different products – ranging from hyaluronic fillers, PDO threads for wrinkle correction, mesotherapy products to advanced skincare products – W&O medical esthetics GmbH, based in Oberursel, Germany, offers a safe, little invasive, and high-quality possibility to restore the long-term youthful and fresh appearance of the skin.

The roots

The history of W&O medical esthetics GmbH starts with the special friendship of the two company founders: Dr. Najib Chichakli and Lais Mrad-Agua grow up together in Hama, Syria. Several years later, the friends’ paths of life divide due to the politically difficult situation of the country. Dr. Najib Chichakli pursues medical studies in Austria; Lais Mrad-Agua pursues business studies in Germany. But though their lives take different courses, the friends always keep in touch. Years later, the perfect synergy of their professional qualifications and their unique mutual trust induce them to establish a company together.

The present

For several years already, W&O medical esthetics GmbH has successfully distributed Dermalstyle® Fillers on international markets. With Perfectstyle (PDO-Threads) and Mesostyle® (Mesotherapy-Products) further products for wrinkle treatment and volume boost of the skin come in addition. And that’s not the end: Dr. Najib Chichakli and Lais Mrad-Agua are still concentrating on revealing the secrets of eternal youth with new methods and products.

Renowned within the field of cosmetic treatment and with more than eight years of experience, Dr. Najib Chichakli and Lais Mrad-Agua and their team lead the way in anti-aging wrinkle correction and skin volume restoration procedures.

Taking the knowledge and experience Dr. Chichakli and his business partner and longtime friend Lais Mrad-Agua have now developed a line of advanced skincare products. The products are initially formulated as a cosmeceutical skin care range that complements advanced cosmetic dermatology treatments.

Although a steady growth of sales figures can be registered, Dr. Najib Chichakli and Lais Mrad-Agua attach great importance to the retention of their successful business strategy: a small business with excellent personal service as well as long-term business relations based on mutual trust.

On the following pages you will find all necessary information on our product range.

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