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Dermalstyle® Technologie


Dermalstyle® is a homogeneous, colourless, monophasic gel consisting of pure, natural hyaluronic acid of non-animal source, produced in a special bacterial fermentation process. Dermalstyle® products (Dermalstyle® Regular, Forte, Smile) belong to the safest dermal fillers on the market, due on an extremely low level of crosslinking agent BDDE.

In a multistage process a dense and extremely stable three-dimensional hyaluronic acid network is formed which allows a long-lasting cosmetic effect.
(See picture left):

  1. Hyaluronic acid molecules are first available in unstructured form.
  2. Special unique technologies for arranging the molecular chains use the well-established BDDE as reticulating agent. It creates a stable, very dense, three-dimensional hyaluronic acid network (crosslinking).
  3. Viscoelastic optimization ensures the formation of a smooth, viscous, monophasic and highly elastic gel.
  4. An elaborate purification process is used to almost completely remove all undesired compounds (endotoxins, proteins) from the gel, while deoxygenating it for extra stability.

The result is a filler effect delivering a natural youthful, look and a pleasant feel.

Key features of Dermalstyle® …
- high level of purity, absolute safety
- easy to use
- high level of satisfaction among persons treated

Reflecting the latest state of research, the ingredients of Dermalstyle® are extremely pure, biocompatible and non-allergenic. Thus our products significantly over-comply with the stringent European Directive for medical devices (CE-certification) standards.

Clinical studies confirm the optimum compatibility, safety and efficiency of Dermalstyle®:

Quality with long-lasting effects.


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